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Thursday 23 of July at the Assembly: ...

On the third day at the Assembly, Nancy Heisey from the U.S., Remilyn Mondez from the Philippines and Nzuzi Mukawa from Congo were speaking and presenting special music on the theme “Walking in Conflict and Reconciliation.” The sermons were moving and powerful. Some notable quotes were, “Jesus wants a relationship with the church he died […]

Wednesday at the Assembly: walking wi...

The Assembly theme was “Walking with God in Doubt and Conviction”. Peace Comission represented by Rebecca Osiro (Kenya) and Tom Yoder Neufeld (Canada), shared about the link between doubt and conviction, and how the doubt can support and comfort conviction. Tigists Testaye Gelagle from Ethiopia, passionate about this topic, shared about how natural doubt is in […]

Tuesday at PA 2015

Some photo highlights from Tuesday, 21 July at Assembly PA 2015

Highlights from Wednesday 22 July

Some highlights from Wednesday, 22 July at Assembly PA 2015

Assembly PA 2015: A time to celebrate...

¡MWC Assembly 2015 has begun. Reunions, hugs, and joy on our faces as we began our time of celebration together in our global family. Our worship time began with an invitation to join our Native American brothers and sisters in reconciliaiton and to move forward together in peace. Danisa Ndlovu and César García encouraged us to […]

Assembly Scattered

Assembly Scattered allows guests to visit MWC churches and ministries on the way to or from Assembly Gathered. Participants will experience church life in North America and the diversity of the faith community. Visits will focus on church to church engagement, allowing visitors and hosts to develop friendships, worship, learn about community concerns, tour historic […]

Getting ready!

A few hours before the Assembly started and the Large Arena was busy with getting all the materials set up. One third of the 450 volunteer were already working to make this event happen… A good mood was in the air!

General Council Meeting

From 16-20 July the Mennonite World Conference General Council met at the Radisson Hotel in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, US. This group of church leaders meets every three years to shape the mandate of MWC, share concerns and insights, and worship together.

GYS ends but stays in memory

The sun is setting on the third and last day of GYS. Today, friendships have been reinforced with intercultural and intercontinental sharing, an improvised prayer time held in the center of the cafeteria; fun that got even more crazy with more games; and encouragement for a deeper faith with an impactful message about our role as young Christians. Fellowship, workshops, sports, prayers, […]

GYS Highlight Video

Highlights from the three days of GYS!