Vivre la paix : mes dons

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  1. Betty Denlinger Betty Denlinger
    lundi 20 juillet 2015    

    I am so thankful to hear of the testimonies of our brothers in other countries besides the USA where I live who believe that concientious objection to the military is Christ’s command. May God bless you all for standing true to Jesus even though it may bring suffereng. I am an 87 year old follower of Jesus and thank the Lord for the many fine young men who served in community service back in the 1940’s and 50’s as my brother did as well as many friends. I pray God bless all you young people and keep you true to God’s Holy Word. I pray you will be faithful in daily Bible reading and study and take advantage of every opportunity to grow in your knowledge and faith of our Lord Jesus Christ. Remember Jesus command in Matt 28: 18-20. This is the way many will come into the Kingdom of God if we are faithful. God forgive us if we fail to do what we can to win others to Jesus. To God be the Glory. “You are loved with an everlasting Love and underneath are the everlsting arms”

  2. jhonatan jxaguar suarez jhonatan jxaguar suarez
    jeudi 23 juillet 2015    

    Por que ayudar a nuestro pais , lo podemos hacer siendo mejores con los que nos rodean y empezar dando ejemplo amando a nuestra familia