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Are Mennonites allergic to evangelism...


Tshimanga calls for action in mission and evangelism By Virginia A. Hostetler Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA – Energy was still high in the penultimate plenary session of PA 2015, featuring the work of the MWC Mission Commission. Speakers issued sharp challenges to Anabaptists, calling for a more active and evangelistic discipleship. There is an uneasiness regarding […]

Our religion is relationship worked o...


PA 2015 Saturday night worship service By Doreen Martens Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA – Love for neighbour is absolutely central to the gospel, speaker Bruxy Cavey said in the final plenary service of PA 2015. This evening saw the passing of leadership from Mennonite World Conference president Danisa Ndlovu to incoming president Nelson Kraybill. In a […]

Music brings unity at world conferenc...


International songs draw participants into worship despite unfamiliarity By Laura Kraybill Worship rises to the rafters as Mennonites and Brethren and Christ join their voices in music from around the world at PA 2015 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Differences exist in theology and culture, yet music is a unifier at world conference, even when it stretches […]

Autonomy and awakening


Assembly called to wrestle with independence and community By Tim Huber HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania, USA – Each person is never alone. They must live in community. Yet each also craves independence and autonomy. Dutch Mennonite pastor and retreat centre host Wieteke van der Molen told Mennonite World Conference assembly attendees 24 July 2015 that since the […]

Confession and forgiveness are part o...


Speakers call church to a love that acts on behalf of others By Lil Goertzen Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA — “We are here today, celebrating our common Anabaptist faith and our position in the Lord Jesus Christ.” Deacons Commission representative Shantkumar S. Kunjam of India greeted the participants of PA 2015 in the morning plenary 24 […]

Mukawa calls for reconciliation with ...

Eastleigh Fellowship Choir

Christ’s Lordship prevails over denied visas, ethnic conflict and interdenominational differences By Connie Faber Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA – Nzuzi Mukawa, Mennonite Brethren pastor and educator from DR Congo, challenged his audience 23 July 2015 to leave Mennonite World Conference PA 2015 as men and women who are reconciled with God and with others. The conflict […]

Build each other up on the foundation...

Nancy Heisey

Speakers on walking in conflict and reconciliation focus on our hope in Jesus Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA – “We are thankful that indeed God walks with us as we experience both conflict and reconciliation,” said Patricia Shelly, moderator of Mennonite Church USA, introducing the theme of the 23 July 2015 morning plenary of PA 2015. Elizabeth […]

Praising in painful times


With mercy, the Holy Spirit irons our hearts, says Japanese pastor By Anna Groff Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA – Yukari Kaga, a pastor from Japan, admitted Peter’s praise in his letter to the early church seems “a little strange to me.” “How can we praise the Lord in such a painful situation? (1 Peter 3–9),” she […]

Speakers share doubts from their sett...


Walking in doubt and conviction in second Assembly plenary Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA – Three speakers, one each from Kenya, Canada and Ethiopia, shared stories of doubt in their local contexts at Assembly 16’s morning worship 22 July 2015. “We are learning, in this wonderful global family, that this is the best way to deepen our […]

MWC PA 2015 opens with celebration, c...


International attendees urged to find unity in diversity while “walking with God” César García of Colombia, MWC general secretary, preached the opening sermon on the Assembly theme, “Walking with God.” MWC Vice President Janet Plenert translated. Photo by Jonathan Charles Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, U.S.A – The 16th Mennonite World Conference (MWC) Assembly opened July 21, 2015 […]