Friday the 24 of July, a surprising day!

Friday, the 24th of July was a day of surprises!
– surprise when the International Ensemble performed JS Bach
– surprise with Shantkumar S Kunjam’s engaging quotations like “Hoping to show the world an example of light under the lordship of Jesus Christ…”     He was our morning speaker from India who spoke about walking in Autonomy and Community.
– surprise when Kevin Ressler from USA/Tanzania, showed that he carried his US passport to support our friends whose visas were denied
– surprise while we were gathering in small groups and had to sort each other according to our name and country
– surprise to discover how diverse the soccer teams were: age, nationality, skills, gender… it is a beautiful image of the Anabaptist family!
– surprise of getting close to finishing the services projects: house building, school painting, food canning…
– surprise to hear the string Ensemble, amazing all the Assembly
– surprise of how sharing the Lord’s Supper deepens communion in such a large church
– surprise when Nohemy sang a song she created in Spanish
– surprise when the youth jumped in the river at Messiah College at 1:00 a.m.!

Actually, we don’t even have enough space to write down all the surprises we get on that very day at PA 2015…

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