Standing on Holy Ground: Creating Sacred Space in the midst of Conflict – 22 Wed – 13:30

With conflicts and disagreements rising within our communities, this seminar offers practical and creative ideas to help stand in the midst of polarized political views and cultural differences without sacrificing our sacred calling. Relying on the collective wisdom and experience of their creativity and imaginative spirit, participants will engage in creative process, role play, and circle time to demonstrate how to find each community’s sacred space in order to empower all voices. They will actively engage one another to unpack practical processes, weave stories together, and practice the art of listening and honoring the other in order to build strong communities of peace.

Julia Dunst has a Masters degree in conflict transformation from Eastern Mennonite University’s Center for Justice and Peacebuilding, and is an active member of Zion Mennonite Church in Pennsylvania (PA) where she serves as a teaching elder. She also serves as conference secretary for Atlantic Coast Conference in PA. Brook Musselman has a Bachelor’s degree in peacebuilding and development from Eastern Mennonite University, is a member of Zion Mennonite Church (PA), and serves as conference coordinator for Atlantic Coast Conference.

Download the PDF of this workshop here: STANDING ON HOLY GROUND MWC