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Praising in painful times

With mercy, the Holy Spirit irons our hearts, says Japanese pastor By Anna Groff Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA – Yukari Kaga, a pastor from Japan, admitted Peter’s praise in his letter to the early church seems “a little strange to me.” “How can we praise the Lord in such a painful situation? (1 Peter 3–9),” she […]

Wednesday at the Assembly: walking wi...

The Assembly theme was “Walking with God in Doubt and Conviction”. Peace Comission represented by Rebecca Osiro (Kenya) and Tom Yoder Neufeld (Canada), shared about the link between doubt and conviction, and how the doubt can support and comfort conviction. Tigists Testaye Gelagle from Ethiopia, passionate about this topic, shared about how natural doubt is in […]

Speakers share doubts from their sett...

Walking in doubt and conviction in second Assembly plenary Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA – Three speakers, one each from Kenya, Canada and Ethiopia, shared stories of doubt in their local contexts at Assembly 16’s morning worship 22 July 2015. “We are learning, in this wonderful global family, that this is the best way to deepen our […]