The Loss of Turtle Island – Wed 13:30-17:00

The Loss of Turtle Island allows participants to interactively explore the historic relationship between Europeans, specifically Mennonites in the United States, and the Indigenous nations who inhabit the land we call the United States of America. Blankets will represent the land, and the workshop participants will represent the First Peoples – the distinct cultures and nations which live on the lands to this day. Participants step onto the blankets and are taken back in time, guided through the history of contact between Indigenous Peoples and Europeans, with the assistance of a facilitator and narrator.

Erica Littlewolf is progam administrator of the Indigenous Vision Center, a program of Mennonite Central Committee Central States, and is affiliated with White River Cheyenne Mennonite Church, Busby, Montana, USA. Karin Kaufman Wall is the Peace and Justice Education staff person for MCC Central States and a member of New Creation Mennonite Church, Newton, Kansas. Sue Eagle is the Indigenous Neighbours program coordinator for MCC Canada and is affiliated with Black Creek United Mennonite Church, Black Creek, British Columbia.

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