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Faith and Life Commission

The Faith and Life Commission enables MWC member churches to receive and provide counsel on Christian faith and practice, as well as on Anabaptist-Mennonite witness in the world today.

Deacons Commission Offering Video

The Deacons Commission focuses on the welfare of the churches within the MWC communion, particularly in times of duress, and offers listening, prayer, encouragement and support to churches feeling the need for brothers and sisters to “walk with them” in their particular need.

PA 2015 Highlight video

A video to share in our churches, highlights from the Assembly PA 2015.

Women Crossing Borders – Sat 15...

This active workshop is especially designed for women keen to build bridges and connections between different backgrounds and ages. The goal will be to listen, to share and exchange, to create more understanding, and then to replicate this activity in participants’ own neigborhoods, churches or communities. This low-key format to do outreach (such as local […]

Cultural Chameleons – learning ...

As a global church fellowship, how can we develop our ability to relate across cultures? Some individuals appear to comfortably slide from one country or culture into another. Increasing our agility for moving across cultural spaces will allow us to learn from each other and collaborate in new ways. Hands-on activities will help people move […]

Interfaith Issues important for Globa...

This workshop focuses on how persons of Christian faith relate to persons loyal to other diverse religions, when all are intent to share, listen and learn in order to enhance respect and understanding while avoiding harm. Time will be given to presentation and discussion of case situations, with special attention to Hinduism, Buddhism, and Sikhism. […]

Liturgy and the Transformation of Cre...

Worship and celebrating the liturgy can be understood as a public transformational act with political and ecological connotations, a reconstruction of community and restoration of creation. Essential to such an understanding is a broadened view of symbolic representation, including body, remembrance and action. Starting from Alexander Schmemann’s view of the world as sacrament, the workshop […]

News 23 July

In her morning sermon, Rebecca Osiro of Kenya argued that doubt can promote strong conviction. Photo by Jon Carlson Speaking on the day’s theme of “Walking in Doubt and Conviction,” Tom Yoder Neufeld of Canada declared, “The Bible gives witness of God being with us, even in the darkest night.” Photo by Jon Carlson At […]

People of the Land: Mennonites and th...

We will explore our history as “people of the land” settling areas in North America inhabited by Indigenous communities, the original peoples of the land. We will look at theological understandings that have shaped our relationship to the land and relationships with Indigenous Peoples, and explore opportunities for congregations and the broader church to join […]

Highlights from Wednesday 22 July

Some highlights from Wednesday, 22 July at Assembly PA 2015