PA 2015 Highlight video

A video to share in our churches, highlights from the Assembly PA 2015.


  1. Tuesday July 28th, 2015    

    Is there anyway to download the video for churches that don’t have a strong internet connection at church so they can show it from their hard drive other than streaming it?

    • Camille Ledoux Camille Ledoux
      Friday July 31st, 2015    

      Sure, you can download the video here:
      You also can see the different highlights videos edited.

  2. Wednesday July 29th, 2015    

    What a gathering! Did not recognize anyone! Did not expect to! Thanks for sending the video.

  3. Ya Huei Chen (Taiwan) Ya Huei Chen (Taiwan)
    Thursday July 30th, 2015    

    Praise the Lord! It was truly once a life time experience.Thank you very much for all of your hard work-the MWC staff. May God continue His abundant blessings upon all God’s people as we walking with God together. May our lives be transformed to Christ-Likeness-This is mission,this is walking with God..

    • Ya Huei Chen (Taiwan) Ya Huei Chen (Taiwan)
      Thursday July 30th, 2015    

      Praise the Lord! A truly once a lifetime experience!
      Thank you very much for all of your hard work-let us continue walking with God daily.

  4. Edgar Stoiesz Edgar Stoiesz
    Sunday August 2nd, 2015    

    MWC gave us North Americans a mu ch needed boost. And let’s not overlook –
    What we saw and experienced in Harrisburg was the fruit of a century of mission work.
    Edgar Stoesz, Akron, PA

  5. Richard Aldis Richard Aldis
    Sunday August 9th, 2015    

    This video makes me smile and swell with happiness over the joy of MWC! We are going to show a video in church in 2 weeks, Aug 23. We have seen one similar to this, but it seemed a bit shorter than the 6 minutes 41 seconds, and it specifically gave a translation of Nzuzi Mukawa’s statement that “without mission, Anabaptism is nothing.” How can I find that video?

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