Thursday 23 of July at the Assembly: Walking in Conflict and Reconciliation

On the third day at the Assembly, Nancy Heisey from the U.S., Remilyn Mondez from the Philippines and Nzuzi Mukawa from Congo were speaking and presenting special music on the theme “Walking in Conflict and Reconciliation.” The sermons were moving and powerful. Some notable quotes were, “Jesus wants a relationship with the church he died for.” “It is time for God’s people to be the children of light who build each other up in our world.” “We wonder why we’re losing our young people in the church, when they’re trapped in the midst of church conflict.” Lots for us to keep thinking about.

Lots of fun was also had at Assembly! The Anabaptist World Cup continued, full of joy and happiness. The children’s program was greatly enjoyed, with stories, games and visits. On the workshops side, including one about quilting, they provided opportunities for sharing moments between diverse cultures.
Enjoy this photo gallery of the third day of Assembly PA 2015.

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