Walking with God, Fifty Years with the Vietnam Mennonite Church-Wed 15:30

This workshop will chronicle the development of the Vietnam Mennonite
Church. Missionary activity began in 1957 and a congregation formed in
1965 – the same year Nguyen Quang Trung, currently president of the Vietnam
Mennonite Church, began working with the church. Various persons involved
in the life of the church will describe significant events and critical decisions
in this half-century. Attention will be given to interaction with other groups,
contending with the American War, and the issues the church faces within
a revolutionary society. A panel will respond to questions from workshop

Gerry Keener, chief operating officer for Eastern Mennonite Missions, worked in Vietnam 1973-75 and 1997-2009. Nguyen Quang Trung is an ordained pastor and president of Vietnam Mennonite Church.

Vietnam Timelines-ref Mennonites 2015.07.22