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GYS sends a strong call to impact the...

Anabaptist youth from around the world learn and fellowship together at summit By Elina Ciptadi-Perkins Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA – The three-day Mennonite World Conference (MWC) Global Youth Summit (GYS) concluded Sunday, 19 July, 2015, with a strong desire to impact the world by sharing their gifts. Under the theme “Called to Share: My Gifts, Our […]

GYS Highlight Video

Highlights from the three days of GYS!

Living Out Peace: My Gift

Mennonite World Conference’s Global Youth Summit is celebrating the gifts that each young adult brings to the global church.  One gift is the encouragement and model of Conscientious Objection: refusing mandatory military service in order to follow Jesus’ way of peace. GYS participants celebrated COs today, writing notes to encourage Sang-Min Lee, the first Mennonite […]

Global Youth Summit Day 1

My friend Maria first told me about a Global Youth Summit, a 3-day gathering of Mennonite youth from around the world before Mennonite World Conference. I signed up, excited to meet new people from around the world. Since Korea is a pretty homogenous, I get excited about opportunities to be around groups of diverse people. […]

A Gift of Peace from the Persecuted

As GYS 2015 discusses gifts and calling, a participant shared his church’s story of giving gifts of peace in response to persecution that affected more than 50,000 Christians in his village. Amit Andrew Roul is a young leader in a rural Brethren in Christ (BIC) church in the Kandhamal district of Orissa, India. Growing up […]

How was Friday 17 July at GYS?

On the first day of GYS included dynamic and engaging worship service led by Europe in the morning and Latin America in the evening. We were encouraged to live out the call to use our gifts. Delegates learned from each other in their session in the afternoon, while participants joined in interesting workshops and had […]

Getting ready for GYS